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I've dedicated the past 3 or 4 weeks of life to complete a project organized for Art x Game which is a joint effort between Giant Robot and Attract Mode.   An Art x Game is when an artist and a game developer are teamed up to create a game.   I was paired up with J. Otto Seibold to create a game for his gallery opening at Giant Robot in Los Angeles.

What came to be from this collaboration is a creation known as Jottobots.   It's a run and gun metroidvania style platformer where the player assumes control of a Jottobot equipped with a jetpack and some sort of gun.   The player explores through a huge level, shooting enemies and finding secrets along the way.   Players collect little gems that the enemies drop for points, and at the end the game displays a high score table of the best players.

The event was this past Saturday and it got some mentions across the internets.   TIGSource posted a quick article about it, along with Offworld.

The game was projected inside the Giant Robot store for the first hour or so of the event.   It was a lot of fun watching people play the game live.   I had been playing the game repeatedly for the past 2 weeks, so it was great to see someone else who has no idea what the game is jump in and play it.   Watching people explore the level and discover secret areas was really rewarding for me, and them!   It turned out pretty much how I imagined it.   Someone would play the game and discover a secret or take a new path through the level, and people watching would help out and then use the game play they were seeing to their advantage for their next play through.   People wanted to figure out the best path to take, or how to score the most points, and they learned a lot by watching others play.

When night fell the game was projected onto a building outside in front of a parking lot.   It was pretty huge, and people walking by on the street stopped to take a look or give it a go themselves.   It was a lot of fun to see my game projected up onto a giant wall outside where everyone could see it.   Except for this one guy who claimed that the game from Adult Swim.

Jottobots won't be playable on the internet for a little while, but if you're in the LA area it may pop up at some point at Giant Robot in the next month.   As soon as I'm able to distribute the game on the internet though, it'll be up.   Actual pictures from the event will also be circulating about soon, so I'll post those as they come as well.
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Hey man! Imagine seeing you here. I got linked to here from gamertonight.net, didn't know you had a hand in that...
Greeting. It is never too late to give up our prejudices.
I am from Equatorial and learning to write in English,...
That is insane. Congrats!
Josh Whelchel
shhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiittt GIANT ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's finally done! Good job DarthMohawk! Too bad I finished the game already... Thanks to your advice. :D
Hack SW



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