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The Meter is Running

Just another article I've come across addressing the recent happenings at Time Warner Cable and their new tiered bandwidth cap billing system that they plan to roll out to 4 more cities across the country.

The caps that Time Warner is proposing is absolutely ridiculous when pairing them up against the average internet user's consumption.   Here's a rundown from the article of the author's household bandwidth usage:

Last month, my husband bought The Witcher: Enhanced Edition off of Stardock, which was about a 13 GB download. Since I'm a sucker for Psychonauts, I bought it (again) from GameTap, at 3.78 GB. I also couldn't resist the siren call of competitive Peggle, so I picked that up too for the Xbox (0.1 GB). Together, we downloaded demos for World in Conflict, Empire: Total War (1.2 GB and 2.2 GB from Steam, respectively), and the Xbox demo for Resident Evil 5 (0.47 GB). Finally, since streaming an HD movie eats up an average of 8 GB a pop (Source: Business Week), altogether my Friday movie nights on the Xbox add another 32 GB.

So in just one month, we've downloaded about 52.75 GB on our various gaming devices. If we were on the 40 GB/month plan, we'd be paying about $67 for our broadband service. (Currently, we pay $39.99.)

They use 52.75 GB of bandwidth just through gaming alone, and they haven't even calculated in their regular internet use of downloading and browsing, or file transfers.

To put it simply, this is an absolute nightmare.   It's going to essentially reshape how Time Warner customers use their internet connections, and put a stranglehold on the digital distribution markets that have been growing rapidly over the past few years -- a market that I'll be depending on next year to make a living.   Will people want to download a game that I put out into the digital distribution realm if it means they're going to go over their bandwidth cap and have to pay extra?   They probably won't be so willing compared to the current limitless plans that many enjoy worldwide.

The internet is going strong and making so much progress, and now Time Warner stands to counter all of that progress by putting a stranglehold on their customers.   People are no longer constrained by schedules or bombarded with commercials when they want to watch their favorite shows.   Information, media, entertainment, its all available on demand and virtually instantly.   I just can't stand to see these assholes tear down this progress with this archaic billing system that they seem so eager and happy to pursue.

Yes, they are a business, and they need to make money, but when almost no other internet service providers are following this pattern, and when the rest of the world seems to be kicking the United States' ass when it comes to internet connectivity, there simply is no excuse for this.

Apparently there is an email address that can be contacted for feedback purposes, but I haven't yet received a response from it.   Feel free to give it a go if you want: realideas@twcable.com.
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