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Time Warner To Kill Internet

Awhile back Time Warner introduced its new and "improved" metered billing to some towns in the Texas area.   If things went smoothly, then they would continue to roll out this new process to more cities, and recently that list of new targets has been revealed.

The high end of this cap proposed by Time Warner is 40gb per month.   The average internet user that uses video streaming services such as Hulu, or Fox's own HD streaming service, YouTube, and Netflix can hit this cap in a matter of days.   Not to mention online game players that use services such as Steam to download game content that can easily take 1/4th of that cap in a day.

Time Warner is essentially attempting to kill the internet with this proposed cap.   Obviously the amount of people subscribing to cable services is dropping over the years because of the rapid development of internet video.   Quality is better, less commercials, and everything is on demand -- you don't have to wait until 8pm of a certain day to watch you're favorite show when its available all the time on the internet.

Anyone that uses the internet even mildly through their day to check email or just send messages should be opposed to this limited bandwidth model.   If we give them an inch, they'll take a mile, and other companies will then follow.

All five of these trial markets have limited or no FiOS availability. Rochester is home to financially-troubled Frontier, who (judging from posts to our forums) can barely offer consumers more than 3Mbps, and has been exploring 5GB caps. The other Time Warner Cable trial markets are in AT&T territory. AT&T is also testing metered billing, imposing caps from 20 to 150GB in two trial markets, charging customers $1 per gigabyte in overage fees.

So if you're opposed to the cap, let your voice be heard through any channel.   If you can contact Time Warner directly, go for it.   The more public outcry over this crippling bandwidth cap model, the better.   Time Warner is about to take a huge step backwards.   The U.S. is already behind when it comes to broadband speeds, and this will take us back even further.
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1. nihilocrat

I graduated from Guilford College, which is in Greensboro, and all my nerd friends who live in the area are, quite expectedly, extremely pissed.

On top of that, Time Warner has terrrrrrrrrible customer service. I've had a digital phone modem installed instead of an internet modem (which took a /week/ or two to sort out, and their local call center provided a never-ending busy signal), we've been randomly charged an extra month for no reason, the list goes on....

Also, in Greensboro at least, it seems they forcibly restrict you to one computer online at a time unless you buy some special plan. Any attempts at connecting two computers at once via a router (even a home-made one) will cause all traffic to cut out.

TW generally just waves its dick around any chance it gets because it's the only cable provider in many markets, and DSL / Clearwire have speeds that only accommodate a single web-user with a bit of lag and the patience to let internet video buffer.

On a similar note:

http://www.dslreports.com/shownews/AntiCommunity-Broadband-Bills-Return -101645

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