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Where Does the Time Go

Ah, crap.   It looks like I forgot to write on my interblogs for a long time!   Lately I've managed to draw a few things that I felt like were worthy of posting, so you can find that stuff on the right hand side or on the art page.   I've been working on trying to get a Snapshot demo ready for GDC that would be made in Game Maker, but I'm not as far along as I'd like to be (which always seems to be the story for working on my games.)   The final version of the game probably won't even be done in Game Maker or MMF, and I'm only doing this because I don't want to work on the MMF version anymore, so it's hard to work on it knowing that it's just going to be another concept demo.

Verge has to be put aside for now though because of all the Snapshot stuff going on.   I find myself answering emails and trying to conduct interviews with press sites and people more than I'm actually working on the game.   I never really thought I'd ever find myself in such a position.

Game Developers Conference 2009 is fast approaching and I'm really excited to head out to San Francisco again and hang out with all the awesome people I met last year.   This time I won't be just some random kid showing up for the hell of it, I'll actually be in the spotlight with my very own IGF booth set up!   I ordered lots of Snapshot business cards that I hope will be all gone by the time GDC is done and over with.

As far as distractions go, one of my main problems is playing Left 4 Dead.   I haven't played a whole lot of games before L4D came along, and while it's a lot of fun to play until 5am, it's been putting a dent into the time that I should be spending working on games.   Also I seem to be doodling around in Photoshop a lot more, and that takes away time from game work, but at least that's productive in some way.

I'll try to get back into the posting habit, but there hasn't been much to talk about.   For now, I present you with a video featuring an 8-bit Daft Punk song.

It's from a game called D-Pad Hero which is a mix of Guitar Hero and an NES controller.
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Hey man! Imagine seeing you here. I got linked to here from gamertonight.net, didn't know you had a hand in that...
Greeting. It is never too late to give up our prejudices.
I am from Equatorial and learning to write in English,...
That is insane. Congrats!
Josh Whelchel
shhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiittt GIANT ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's finally done! Good job DarthMohawk! Too bad I finished the game already... Thanks to your advice. :D
Hack SW



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