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Commonplace Book Results: Verge!

Indie game developers put their blood, sweat, and tears into a single game project for a month.   They would submit their completed games in the name of the Commonplace Book for the public to judge.   The votes were cast, and after the debris and dust cleared there results were in...

      * 81 Verge
      * 64 From Primordial Egg
      * 57 Eversion
      * 55 This Cursed Rock
      * 39 Lost in Eldritch
      * 36 My Entry
      * 34 Herbert West in 'Carrion Re-animating!'
      * 34 The Clatter of the Keys
      * 31 The lake
      * 30 Doorror
      * 29 Insomnia
      * 19 Defect
      * 18 Sinister Names
      * 17 Planets Form'd
      * 13 Never Opened
      * 13 Queer Village
      * 12 Strange Visit
      * 11 Dark Matter Planet
      * 11 Endless Cavern
      * 11 What hatches from primordial egg.
      * 10 Tower of Shoth
      * 9   NecroFodder
      * 7   8:Sound
      * 7   The Museum
      * 7   Uneksians
      * 6   Hassle
      * 5   31BR
      * 5   Sounds in the Dark
      * 4   Theatre of Cruelty
      * 3   Afterlife Consequences
      * 2   Horrible secret in crypt of ancient castle
      * 2   Pitchblackoids {201}
      * 1   Bird Mansion
      * 1   Death Lights Dancing
      * 1   Invisible Armies
      * 1   Sleep 23

Verge has emerged victorious!   I never thought that I would win this thing -- thanks to everyone that voted!   There were so many great games in this competition and I had a lot of fun making Verge.   Some of my favorites include From Primordial Egg, Doorror, Insomnia, Lost in Eldritch, and... well a whole lot more.   I really suggest you check them out.

Now the next step is to begin on making Verge into a full length game.   I really want to throw more concepts into the game and design a lot more levels.   Some more enemies... maybe some bosses or something like that would be nice as well, don't you think?   I kind of like it the way it is now though -- a neatly wrapped, bite-sized, polished game, but I feel like there's a lot more that can be done with the game.   Hopefully you'll be seeing some updates regarding Verge in the future.
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Hey man! Imagine seeing you here. I got linked to here from gamertonight.net, didn't know you had a hand in that...
Greeting. It is never too late to give up our prejudices.
I am from Equatorial and learning to write in English,...
That is insane. Congrats!
Josh Whelchel
shhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiittt GIANT ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's finally done! Good job DarthMohawk! Too bad I finished the game already... Thanks to your advice. :D
Hack SW



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