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The Truth

Some light has been shed on CNN's hologram technology.   As it turns out, it wasn't a hologram at all.

Yellin appeared somewhat fuzzy and her image, apparently projected a few feet in front of Blitzer, appeared to glow around the edges. "You're a terrific hologram," Blitzer said to her.

"It's like I follow the tradition of Princess Leia," she said, referring to the Star Wars character.

Yellin explained that her image was being filmed in Chicago by 35 high-definition cameras set in a ring inside a special tent, which were processed and synchronized by 20 computers to the cameras in the New York studio.

The network, which made use of three-dimensional imaging technology produced by Norway-based Vizrt and Israel-based SportVu, billed the interview as a first for television. CNN also aired a second "hologram" interview between anchor Anderson Cooper and rapper Will.I.Am, who was also in Chicago.

The CNN anchors were not really speaking to three-dimensional projected images, but rather empty space, Kreuzer said. The images were simply added to what viewers saw on their screens at home, in much the same way computer-generated special effects are added to movies.

I remember as I watched it, I thought there was no possible way that Wolf Blitzer was actually looking at a hologram.   This is not a hologram, as it's not actually being projected into space.   The article goes on to explain that what it was is actually called a tornogram: images captured from all sides and reconstructed to be displayed on screen.

Holographic images are generally captured and projected using coherent light such as lasers. A laser would need to be more than six feet in diameter to capture a person's image, which Kreuzer said is impossible because such a light would be blinding.

As of now I really don't think its possible to project a real hologram into the air Princess Leia style.
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