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Comcast X-TREME

Comcast, possibly the worst ISP in the history of the internet, has announced it will be launching its 50mbps package in some northeastern cities.   This is a grand step in progressing the internet in the US.   We have to catch up to Japan who gets 100mbps and... for free.   Oh wait, this is Comcast?   Nevermind, this is going to suck.

Back in April, Comcast flipped the switch on its first DOCSIS 3.0 deployment in the Twin Cities, pricing the 50Mbps tier at $149.95 per month. Comcast's newly-renamed Extreme 50 service is now a bit cheaper at $139.95 (upstream speed is 10Mbps). The cable giant's other new service tier is Ultra, which offers speeds of up 22Mbps down and 5Mbps up for $62.95. Most current Comcast customers will also get a speed boost: Performance broadband customers will see their speeds doubled to 12Mbps/2Mbps up, while Performance Plus subscribers get a boost to 16Mbps down.

Comcast's newly-implemented 250GB monthly bandwidth caps will also remain in place for its DOCSIS 3.0 deployments. Comcast spokesperson Charlie Douglas confirmed that the new tiers are subject to the same cap, but stressed that "far less than 1 percent" of residential customers are ever affected by the cap's presence.

Wow, only 150 bucks a month for awesome speeds.   Well, I suppose if you're a small business that's not a whole lot of money, as this probably wont see a lot of residential use.   But wait... even if you buy the super expensive speedy x-treme package, you're still under the 250GB monthly bandwidth cap.   And now the bass ackwards logic begins from Charlie Douglas.

If "far less than 1 percent" of residential customers are ever affected by the cap's presence, then why do you even have it in place?   Isn't less than 1 percent of your customers just not worth worrying about enough to put this ridiculous cap on?

At 50 mbps, you can use up your entire cap in 11 hours of full use of the speed.   It's like paying more to go faster on a road, but you can still only travel so far before you hit the wall that only 1 percent of cars will ever collide with... so why did they build that wall again?
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1. DarthMohawk1

It seems probable that they put up the 250GB bandwidth limit because, at some point in the future, download speeds will reach a point where more than "far less than 1%" of people will use it. But as the size of the Internet increases, that cap will inevitably have to rise! So is it really filled with pointfulness? I think not...

2. xerus

I just dont understand the point of capping it when the internet is turning toward high speed systems for streaming audio, video, buying full games online and downloading a couple gigs right there.

Bandwidth caps are just a step backwards, and might've only been warranted in the days of dial up when you paid by the hour.

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