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Paint the Mona Lisa

I'm going to be heading off for awhile, so this will be my last post for August.   I just finished putting together some new pieces of my PC, so I'm now running on a Core 2 Quad q6600, with a cooler motherboard and 4gb of ram to go with it.   I'm always incredibly afraid that something is going to blow up whenever I put together a computer, but so far everything is running fine-- until I overclock!

Now the point of this post is this video of the Mythbusters painting the Mona Lisa with a lot of paintball guns.   Check it out:

I have no further comments, just take in the awesomeness.
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You're Sick of this by Now

Time for some background colors!

Man, honestly, this is coming out pretty good to me, and I'm pretty pleased that I'm still going on it. Hopefully this will bring in more traffic through google image search for avatar. That search for some reason has the incredible ability to retrieve nothing but fan art if you search for any character or series.
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Avatar Progress

I had some time tonight to jam out some more on this awesome fan art picture.

I'm still pretty unsure how I'm going to color the entire picture, but for now I just threw in the color keys of all the different pieces of clothing and characters and what not.   The shading is temporary, I'm just using it so I can visualize stuff a little better as I progress.   Hmm... I think I cel shade too much, so I'm going to try and steer clear of that.
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Full Metal Alchemist + Final Fantasy VI

Out of all the animes I can think of, I think Full Metal Alchemist by far has one of my favorite drawing styles.   It borders on realistic, but still has anime qualities in the designs of characters... so its not ridiculous, but its not hyper realistic either, and it has a really good vibe to it.   Tha'ts also why I enjoy this video so much.

Man, this is really inspiring for some reason.
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Bonesaw Politics

I already posted this over at Bonesaw.org so I'll just mirror the post here.

Over the past few years, we've seen the bonesaw go from just a gang of 3 or 4 people with cardboard cutouts of saws, to a full section of the arena, to a giant Bandsaw the size of one of the sections, to our very own Bonesaw animation on the scoreboard, to a full color picture of Bonesaw McGraw on the scoreboard, to our very own voice of Cheel Arena shouting "BONESAW!!", and finally, to the big man Tony Collins bonesawing on stage with certain graduates.

But this, my friends, will surpass all of that.

Click to see the Image

That is a picture of a frame from the video seen here.   Be sure to click the video that says "Crowd Cheers Clinton."   Then, at around 48 seconds through the video, you'll see the bonesaw unleashed upon the unsuspecting public on the bottom right.

This is truly an epic day for the Bonesaw Brigade and all of its followers.   This is the first step to the Bonesaw Party that will be featured in the 2012 election.   Macho Man, we're looking at you for our nominee.
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Commercials that Suck

Okay...   There are just some commercials out there on television that make me never, ever want to be involved with the product or services that they advertise.   I found three of them on YouTube that have been tormenting me so that I can share them with you.

First up, this free credit report nonsense.

I can't even begin to describe how much I want to blow my TV up whenever this commercial comes on.   Luckily I've developed a fast finger when it comes to hitting the mute button on the remote.   As if its not annoying enough that commercials come through TWO TIMES LOUDER THAN WHAT YOU'RE WATCHING, but when this commercial comes on it just seems to amplify that.   The only thing this commercial wants me to know is how not to be a complete idiot writing terrible songs.   Thanks.   What were you advertising again?

Actually, these all have to do with terrible songs, so here's the next one.

I don't even understand what the hell is going on in this commercial, or what it has to do with insurance at all.   Apparently theres some sort of crazy sub plot going on in these commercials but I don't care enough about them to find out.   All I know is that this song drives me insane whenever I hear the first two strums of the guitar.   The reason it annoys me so much because it sounds like a song that came out of the crap fest film Juno.   If you've seen the movie then you know what I mean, because I don't even know how to describe this genre of music other than irritating.

And finally, the third one that triggers my mute button pushing powers.

Okay, this one isn't so bad really.   But when you hear the line "I'm right here!   And I ain't goin' no where!" 8 times every 20 minutes, it starts to get really, really annoying.   I didn't even realize that it was actually for a Zune until after hearing it over one thousand times and finally turning my head to the TV to discover what has been causing me so much pain.   Rest assured, a Zune wont be in my possession for a very long time.

Now its probably some sort of irony or something that I'm talking about these commercials because they are annoying, since the whole point of commercials is to do something to make people remember your product.   But I don't know if I would be comfortable knowing that my products are being advertised by annoying the hell out of people... but hey, it worked for Billy Fuccillo.

It's good to talk about our problems, right?
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