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BLiP Documentary

If anyone ever asks me what kind of music I listen to, I have to reply "mostly video game music."   Yeah, video game soundtracks populate a vast majority of my winamp media library, so obviously I'm a big fan of chip tunes and similar music.   What are chip tunes?   Check out Reformat the Planet, a documentary about the chip tune scene in New York.

You can only see it for a week, so catch it fast before it goes down!
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Megaman 9 Trailer Music

The music in the Mega Man 9 trailer is pretty bad ass, so leave it up to the folk on the internet to almost recreate it down to the most detailed waveform.

Awesome, now I can listen to the trailer music in an extended version without having to keep replaying the trailer in the background.   Thanks, internet!
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Why'd They Make this Level so Hard...

Yeah, I have no idea what this series is, but this is pretty awesome.

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My Current Inspiration

Music is an awesome source of inspiration for anything, and recently its been these two:

I just got their live album from 2007, and its easily the best thing that they've ever produced.   If you have no idea what or who those two are, it's Daft Punk.   They focus on the electronic side of music, putting on live performances with a giant pyramid full of ridiculous looking controls, buttons, knobs, sliders, and whatever else you can possibly think of.

It's really not the typical genre of music that most folk listen to, and I think one of the reasons I'm such a fan of Jenkees is because his music reminds me of Daft Punk.   It reminds me of some sort of style of video game music as well, which makes it even better for me since probably a good 70% of my current music collection happens to be video game soundtracks.   I usually hate most music with words in it unless it really has a lot of synergy, and most bands really cant achieve this.

In other random news, I've started work on my first tutorial for Multimedia Fusion and hopefully I'll have that done soon.   Work continues on Active 2 until June 2nd when it's due for the competition, and I'm also working on a website project that will hopefully take off and have some awesome and popular stuff on it, but that's all I'm saying for now.   And that old Ostrich game will come back soon enough, but I've pretty much been working on anything I can involving painting, drawing, games, websites, and even trying to make music but I'm completely awful at that.
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Bonesaw Overdrive

The genius composer behind the music of Bonesaw: The Game has released a single entitled "Bonesaw Overdrive."   It combines the melodies from "Bonesaw is Ready" (the main theme) and "One Winged Bonesaw" (the final boss theme.)   Its incredibly inspiring, awesome, and everyone should hear it.   I can't figure out if I can embed it onto this page somehow, but for now just head on over to Josh's site for a listen.

Ah man, this makes me wish Bonesaw were coming out as a full length feature film or something.   Chip tunes, guitar riffs, orchestras, choirs... how much more bad ass can one song become?   Josh is really pushing it with this one.   Keep rockin'!




Kohina Plays Good Tunes

I have a rather unordinary taste in music compared to most of my friends in relatives.   I hardly listen to the radio, and I have no idea who the stars of music are now a days.   Most of my Winamp library consists of video game soundtracks.   Yeah, there are some metal and rock bands on there as well, but usually when they come up I quickly hit next until a song from Ocarina of Time comes up or something like that.

I recently came across Kohina, which is an internet radio station of sorts that streams nothing but good old classic chiptunes to my headphones.   A lot of these tunes I found to be some I was considering for the Bonesaw game before a good man by the name of Josh Whelchel came by.

Now I can groove to commodore 64 tunes as I jam out blog posts.
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Hello? Can you see what I'm typing?

After many days of hard labor involving php and mySQL, ... and some CSS, the new layout is finally done.   It's a fresh new look involving paper, or something.   I've been looking around at the latest design trends and some websites that I really like, and after all of the inspiration I absorbed I ended up with what you see here.

Everything should be working fine, and if everything does work out then I'm going to attempt to get back into my daily routine of posting something on here.   It could be just a video from the YouTubes, or perhaps a rant about how some new video game sucks so much.   Yeah, something like that.

Speaking of the YouTubes, check this guy out:

Ronald Jenkees has been around for awhile, but I haven't picked up on his ill beats until now.   I don't know if Ronald is actually real, or he is just a character, but regardless his keyboard skills are definitely out of this world.   That video up there is exactly what I look for in music, but usually I can never find it.   The melody that he jams out is just instantly memorable and awesome, and just has this overall feel that I can't ultimately describe.

I also finally got around to downloading the Kirby 64 soundtrack in miniusf format to play in it's pure glory, and what a bad ass soundtrack that is.   The song for Zero-Two is probably my favorite Kirby song in existence,   and it even got remixed for Smash Brothers.

Yeah, that's about it so far.   I'm going to update the About page in a few days to reflect the changes to my site.   If anyone out there has any input, or breaks anything, drop a comment and let me know and I'll try to fix it up ASAP.   Thanks for stoppin' by!
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