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The Meter is Running

Just another article I've come across addressing the recent happenings at Time Warner Cable and their new tiered bandwidth cap billing system that they plan to roll out to 4 more cities across the country.

The caps that Time Warner is proposing is absolutely ridiculous when pairing them up against the average internet user's consumption.   Here's a rundown from the article of the author's household bandwidth usage:

Last month, my husband bought The Witcher: Enhanced Edition off of Stardock, which was about a 13 GB download. Since I'm a sucker for Psychonauts, I bought it (again) from GameTap, at 3.78 GB. I also couldn't resist the siren call of competitive Peggle, so I picked that up too for the Xbox (0.1 GB). Together, we downloaded demos for World in Conflict, Empire: Total War (1.2 GB and 2.2 GB from Steam, respectively), and the Xbox demo for Resident Evil 5 (0.47 GB). Finally, since streaming an HD movie eats up an average of 8 GB a pop (Source: Business Week), altogether my Friday movie nights on the Xbox add another 32 GB.

So in just one month, we've downloaded about 52.75 GB on our various gaming devices. If we were on the 40 GB/month plan, we'd be paying about $67 for our broadband service. (Currently, we pay $39.99.)

They use 52.75 GB of bandwidth just through gaming alone, and they haven't even calculated in their regular internet use of downloading and browsing, or file transfers.

To put it simply, this is an absolute nightmare.   It's going to essentially reshape how Time Warner customers use their internet connections, and put a stranglehold on the digital distribution markets that have been growing rapidly over the past few years -- a market that I'll be depending on next year to make a living.   Will people want to download a game that I put out into the digital distribution realm if it means they're going to go over their bandwidth cap and have to pay extra?   They probably won't be so willing compared to the current limitless plans that many enjoy worldwide.

The internet is going strong and making so much progress, and now Time Warner stands to counter all of that progress by putting a stranglehold on their customers.   People are no longer constrained by schedules or bombarded with commercials when they want to watch their favorite shows.   Information, media, entertainment, its all available on demand and virtually instantly.   I just can't stand to see these assholes tear down this progress with this archaic billing system that they seem so eager and happy to pursue.

Yes, they are a business, and they need to make money, but when almost no other internet service providers are following this pattern, and when the rest of the world seems to be kicking the United States' ass when it comes to internet connectivity, there simply is no excuse for this.

Apparently there is an email address that can be contacted for feedback purposes, but I haven't yet received a response from it.   Feel free to give it a go if you want: realideas@twcable.com.
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Snapshot Website is Go

I didn't expect Snapshot to be nominated for anything, so I was totally caught off guard and I had absolutely nothing prepared in regards to a website, or screenshots, or anything.   So since yesterday afternoon I've been working on a website for it, and in just 24 hours time (minus about 8 hours of sleep) I was able to get the official Snapshot website up.

It's been a crazy two days so far, and I don't think the fact that Snapshot has been nominated for Excellence in Design has sunken in yet.   Whoa...




Thanksgiving Rickroll

Happy Thanksgiving to all the internet roaming folks out there.   There was no way that I was awake for the Thanksgiving Day parade from Macy's or whatever the hell it is, but I awoke to IMs saying that apparently the world was Rickroll'd.   So I bounced over to reddit to check it out.   The first headline was "Macy's Rickrolls the entire country on Thanksgiving"   WHAT?

I'm sure that this video will be taken down for some reason or another, but for now enjoy the glory that is Rick Astley Rickrolling live on Thanksgiving.   The announcer even says Rickroll.   It amazes me how much power a simple internet meme has unleashed upon the world.   It reminds me of a certain something that I'm involved with...

But anyway, not only does Rick Astley come out there himself, but all this is happening with the characters of Foster's Home of Imaginary Friends which was one of the most awesome cartoons to be on Cartoon Network as of late.   I could write another 8 paragraphs about how much Cartoon Network blows now, but I'll save that for another time.   For now, enjoy your Rickrolls and turkey.




Underground Fortress

Mild mannered two story split style house by day, bat cave fortress by night.   Check out this ridiculous house with a 4 level underground fortress attached to it.

I thought I had a pretty cool basement for awhile... but this blows that away.
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Happy Halloween

Unless you happen to be an innocent fifth grader who was asked to draw a scary mask in art class, then was sent for psychological evaluation after his homeroom teacher saw the drawing.

If you click the link to the article, you can see the drawing by Jordan Hood.   Indeed, it is pretty scary, as the assignment was to draw a scary mask.   If this isn't the one story of the year that will prove how hypersensitive and paranoid people are in this day and age, I'd like to see the one that is.   Just read this crap.

However, when Jordan's homeroom teacher, Melissa Pevey, saw the drawing, she found it disturbing. Pevey was concerned enough to contact assistant principal Valerie Johnson and Campus Police.

But it wasn't blood and gore that bothered Pevey. She believed the blood looked a lot like gang-related teardrop tattoos, and she thought the words "I Kill For Blood" could be tied to an infamous Los Angeles street gang known as The Bloods.

What the hell?   Honestly?   Oh no, it gets better!

Jordan's mother, LaKisha Hood, was shocked to find that her son's art lesson had evolved into a gang investigation.

"They told me the droplets could actually be a gang symbol for the number of people he killed," she said.

Oh yes, I'm sure that's exactly what little Jordan was thinking when he pushed his markers onto the sheet of paper.   You know, he was probably just waiting for an opportunity to show off his loyalty to The Bloods, and this art assignment to draw a scary mask was perfect.   And little Jordan, having killed 8 people, dabbed out his blood droplets one by one.

Tell me, what are the kids of this school learning when the teachers have a lower mental capacity than the kids themselves?
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Rockin in Paper

A rather unique look at Rockman 9.   Reminds me of when I used to make games by cutting sprites out of paper and drawing backgrounds on a white board.

Check out the artist's deviant art.




Artist finds their work on Shirt

Imagine you go on a trip to New York to visit some friends on the east coast.   On that trip you venture into a Paul Smith store.   (Whatever that is.   Apparently some sort of well known fashion designer or something.)   You find a shirt that looks pretty similar to your own work that you publish on the web, and one of your friends even tells you that it reminds them of your work.

Okay, so all of this actually happened to this guy.

“Oh my god oh my god oh my god…”

“What? What is it?”

“I think Paul Smith stole my work!”

I pointed out the detail to Lance who confirmed my suspicion. The more we looked, the more the neighboring details fell into place. Smith’s version was mirrored left to right so I loaded the image in Photoshop and flipped it. “Oh my god! He totally stole my work!” I was dancing around the room. “Paul Smith stole from me!” I will admit it was a strange reaction. I didn’t realize this until later in the day. I was actually thrilled that someone had ripped me off. Someone I liked. That sincerest form of flattery bit doesn’t mean much if the person doing the imitating is making shit work.

“We have to go back!”


“I have to buy it and I want to take better pictures so I can be sure.”

Here's the side by side comparison of the shirt and the artwork:

If you look closely, you can see that all the details line up almost exactly.   The shirt itself has the image flipped horizontally though, so if you look at the more distinct bird down a little ways from the highlighted box you can match it on the left side underneath the box again, but flipped horizontally.   This guy seems to have a pretty positive reaction to having his design ripped and put on a 235 dollar shirt, I'm not so sure if others would have the same positive attitude.

Hopefully this guy gets some sort of response from the folks at the Paul Smith organization.   I would love to hear their side of the story.   I guess making super expensive clothes just involves google image search and good ole copy and paste.
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Real Math

Everything you learned in school about math is wrong, and this simple video will explain why.

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