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New Game: Depict1

Now that I'm back online, check out a game I just made!

I don't actually want to give too much away about the game, so hopefully that screenshot will entice you enough to give it a whirl. It works on Windows platforms, but should run well enough on OSX with one of those fancy run-windows-programs applications.

This was created from nothing using Game Maker 8. The Game Jam actually started at 5pm on Friday, and I spent a majority of that night brainstorming with the other jammers. An idea for a game that uses a tutorial to deceive the player came up, and I thought it would be a cool idea to pursue.

Find out more at Retro Affect!
Hey man! Imagine seeing you here. I got linked to here from gamertonight.net, didn't know you had a hand in that...
Greeting. It is never too late to give up our prejudices.
I am from Equatorial and learning to write in English,...
That is insane. Congrats!
Josh Whelchel
shhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiittt GIANT ROBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's finally done! Good job DarthMohawk! Too bad I finished the game already... Thanks to your advice. :D
Hack SW

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