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Kim Komando digs Bonesaw

Whoa, I seriously have no idea where this sudden surge in Bonesaw press is coming from, but this one comes from Kim Komando!?   Yeah, for those of you who don't know, Kim Komando is this talk radio host that deals with the more casual side of computers.   You know your relatives that can't figure out how to change the color of their desktop, or remember how to log into eBay?   That's the target audience of this show.   She's pretty popular, and so is her website, as it has driven about 3,000 unique visitors to the Bonesaw download page in the past few days.   I hope her audience can honestly enjoy the game though -- it's meant to be a severely difficult game meant for hardcore platforming experts.

This is madness!   I remember listening to Kim Komando at my aunt's house, or in the car, and I would've never imagined that my game would end up on the official website.   I don't really know what to say!   I really can't wait to make my next big game so I can try to surpass all of the fame and fortune (not really) that Bonesaw has enjoyed.




Bonesaw: The Walkthrough

For awhile now one of the biggest Bonesaw: The Game fans out there, DarthMohawk1, has been working on the ultimate guide to Bonesaw, and now finally I'm very happy to report that the work has finally paid off.   I can now present the first complete walkthrough of Bonesaw: The Game.

If anyone out there has been stuck in the game, which I know there are many of you, there have been some YouTube videos showing the way for some players, but now all the knowledge of the game is compiled into one resource.   I remember when I was making most of the levels in the game, most people that looked at it said to me that nobody would ever beat it, or find all the pucks, or find and defeat the secret boss... I even put some things in the game that I didn't think anyone would ever find, but I was proven wrong.

So thank you to all the players out there that collected every single little item and secret in Bonesaw!   And a big thanks to DarthMohawk1 for spending the time to analyze and deconstruct my game down to the very last pixel.   Awesome work!




Indie Brawl Bonesaw

There's a big project going on over at the TIGSource forums where a bunch of the community members are putting together a 2d fighting game involving all sorts of indie game characters a little bit like the Super Smash Brothers games.   The Golden Knight was given the honor of being included in the list of characters to be in the game, and some amazing progress has been made in his development.   The sprites here are works in progress by the forum members (namely Kovski as of late) working on the game.

So a very special thanks is in order for the people working on this game, and on my beloved character.   These sprites are probably well beyond what I could do, and it's amazing what the Knight has evolved into from just a simple 4 color sprite.   I can't wait to see more!




Bonesaw Postmortem

There hasn't been much news on the Bonesaw front lately.   I'm waiting for a new version of Hardware Acceleration to come out for Multimedia Fusion 2 before I release another patch, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen any time soon unfortunately.

I just wrote a fairly lengthy postmortem for the game which is now up on Play-Make, a new and awesome indie games blog which I hope to write more for.   In the article I discuss the development of the game as well as things I thought went right and wrong during and after development.

Also included with the article is a sweet video showcasing the game's progression from the original start of the game, to the final product.




Bonesaw McGraw

I somehow have missed this until now.

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Bonesaw Politics

I already posted this over at Bonesaw.org so I'll just mirror the post here.

Over the past few years, we've seen the bonesaw go from just a gang of 3 or 4 people with cardboard cutouts of saws, to a full section of the arena, to a giant Bandsaw the size of one of the sections, to our very own Bonesaw animation on the scoreboard, to a full color picture of Bonesaw McGraw on the scoreboard, to our very own voice of Cheel Arena shouting "BONESAW!!", and finally, to the big man Tony Collins bonesawing on stage with certain graduates.

But this, my friends, will surpass all of that.

Click to see the Image

That is a picture of a frame from the video seen here.   Be sure to click the video that says "Crowd Cheers Clinton."   Then, at around 48 seconds through the video, you'll see the bonesaw unleashed upon the unsuspecting public on the bottom right.

This is truly an epic day for the Bonesaw Brigade and all of its followers.   This is the first step to the Bonesaw Party that will be featured in the 2012 election.   Macho Man, we're looking at you for our nominee.
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Bonesaw Overdrive

The genius composer behind the music of Bonesaw: The Game has released a single entitled "Bonesaw Overdrive."   It combines the melodies from "Bonesaw is Ready" (the main theme) and "One Winged Bonesaw" (the final boss theme.)   Its incredibly inspiring, awesome, and everyone should hear it.   I can't figure out if I can embed it onto this page somehow, but for now just head on over to Josh's site for a listen.

Ah man, this makes me wish Bonesaw were coming out as a full length feature film or something.   Chip tunes, guitar riffs, orchestras, choirs... how much more bad ass can one song become?   Josh is really pushing it with this one.   Keep rockin'!
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That is insane. Congrats!
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It's finally done! Good job DarthMohawk! Too bad I finished the game already... Thanks to your advice. :D
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