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Holy Crap, Braid!

I don't own an Xbox 360, so I've never experienced the awesomeness that is Braid.   You probably know what it is by now, but for the uninformed it's a really well designed 2d platformer that revolves around different time manipulating game mechanics.   It was released on the Xbox Live Arcade awhile back, and a PC version was also promised, so instead of going out and buying a 360 I waited patiently.

It was delayed to the end of March, and then just as the release date was closing in it was delayed again to April 10th -- and then on Steam it was delayed another day to fix some last minute issues.   So after all of this, I finally got to play through Braid.

I don't really think I can say what hasn't been already said on my lowly little blog floating through the internet, but I'll at least say if you haven't played it then you should really give it a go.   On the 360 or the PC (you probably want to be using an Xbox360 controller on the PC though) it's a pretty amazing game and overall experience.   Get it off Steam, or everywhere else.




TIGSource Comicompo

As I work on my write up of my GDC2009 experiences, I had to first complete a project that has been nagging at me for months now.

Over at the TIGSource forums a comic was started where each person drawing a page in the comic could only see the previous page.   This was known as the TIGSource Comicompo.   I added my a long time ago, and then soon after the person managing it had to drop out and the comic's progress came to a halt.

After a few months I stepped in to try and take it over and see it through to the finish.   Well months later after battling many demons and collecting and distributing pages, the final form of the Comicompo has arrived.   I made a spiffy website to display it and everything.   It feels good when a project finally comes together.
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To San Francisco!

Hopefully this is where I begin a long string of posts about my journey ahead.   Things have been pretty quiet on the ole blog lately, but I've been keeping busy.   Last week I took a trip down to Baltimore to visit a friend of mine:   one Brandon McCartin.   We started work on a rather sweet game that I wish I could show off, but it's far from ready right now.   It will be quite awesome when it's finally finished though.

Game Developers Conference 2009 is right ahead, and it starts Monday.   Such a mixture of emotions right now!   Excitement, anxiousness, nervousness... but I think most of that is coming from the absolute dread I have of flying in airplanes.   I used to like flying, but I think lately I've been more nervous than excited about the aspect of being 30,000 feet up in the air.

Snapshot will be on display in the IGF pavilion from Wednesday to Friday, so if by some chance you're going to be at GDC2009 please come by and say hello.   It's going to be a great week of seeing some of the most awesome people I know.   My first adventure may very well be on Friday night in San Francisco when hopefully I'll meet back up with Derek and Cactus, two good buddies I met last year.

I'll also attempt to take a lot of pictures, but no promises.   I take off tomorrow morning.   It's going to be a pretty intense trip!




Free Money*

And we're back.   After a week or two of being completely out of it, coughing up all sorts of nasty stuff and throwing up a few times, I'm slowly climbing back up to healthy status.   In the mean time, I did some art for a game in the app store called Free Money*!

Free Money* is a game in which you can scratch off lotto tickets to see if you can win a savage amount of money.   Just keep scratchin' off those lottery tickets, you know you want to.   It's an addiction, and you can't help but feed it.   But hey, if you do it on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you're not spending any real money, just the initial 99 cents.   It's a very good investment if I do say so myself, and if anyone buys it then I'll be able to make more lottery tickets for it.

And a quick update to this post:   Free Money* is on Fingergaming which is pretty rad.   I like the "...but all it took was the screenshot above to instantly win me over " part the best.
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Jay is Games Best of 2008

The results for the Jayisgames.com Best of 2008 Awards came out a few days ago.   Verge and Bonesaw were both pitted against each other in the same category unfortunately, and I hate it when my children fight.   The results for the Freeware Action category in which the two games contended are...

Iji   26.6%
An Untitled Story   20.9%
Rom Check Fail   8.6%
Verge   7.2%
Waxy's Sushi Party   6.5%
Boulders Never Die   5.3%
8-bit Killer   4.5%
Bonesaw   3.4%
Flywrench   3.0%
Hurrican   2.9%

I didn't really expect to have that much of a chance against a solid contender like Iji (which I love) but it's nice to see that Verge got some of the votes.   If I spin the numbers like a company would, I could combine Bonesaw and Verge into 10.6% and that puts me in 3rd place overall!   But of course I would do no such thing.   It's always an honor to have my games even nominated for such awards -- I know how many games that Jayisgames.com covers over the course of the year and the fact that they even remembered Bonesaw from way early 2008 is pretty awesome.

It's almost going to be the one year anniversary of Bonesaw's release, wow!
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Verge in PC Gamer UK

A little while ago I entered Verge into the Commonplace Book Competition and came out on top.   When I was making the game, I had no idea that eventually the little 16 x 32 sprite I made for the main character would be a huge image on a page of PC Gamer Magazine in the UK!

How awesome is it to end up in a real gaming magazine, and even better that they chose to use the character from Verge for the main header of the page.   For now Verge is on hold because of the IGF and Snapshot and some other stuff, but I promise that I will get back to it and make it into a fleshed out game when I get the chance.   I have a lot of ideas for it that I want to do, including boss fights and more levels and all that good stuff... someday!

Special thanks to Terry for the page.
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Snapshot AGAIN

I haven't been updating a whole lot lately, and it's because since being nominated for the IGF, Snapshot has taken a pretty strong role in what I do with my free time.   I still find time to play games and all, but everything else is Snapshot business.

What kind of Snapshot business you say?   Well, Pete and I were interviewed on Gamasutra which is pretty huge I think!   It's awesome that Snapshot is getting so much attention, but there is so much more work to be done on it!

I also was able to reconstruct my room recently with some mega help from my dad, and that along with the IGF nomination has put me back into the zone of working on stuff.   Snapshot has some big plans in the future, and I really hope that all of them can unfold!




Snapshot Video

Here's a very small sneak peak at Snapshot that was just put up at the Snapshot site today.

As you can see there isn't really a whole lot in there yet.   The game is still in it's infancy, and the nomination still has me blown away.   I still can't believe I'm in the IGF!

This actually may be the only thing the public will see of Snapshot for awhile, as there is much work to be done on it and until it's looking good and ready I'm going to hold off on releasing any screenshots or videos.   So enjoy it for now!
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