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Soft Shading


That blueish gray tone in the shading really improves the look of the image, but thereís still more we can do.   To give Gaven a little more life Iím going to add some variations in his skin tone.   Basically Iím just going give him some more red in certain areas, like around his nose, bottom lip, and collar bone.   To do this create a new layer and set itís blending mode to multiply, and make sure itís at least above your skin layer if not above all the other color layers.   Using a light pink color I paint on this layer on the areas I want to be more red.

That looks a little better than just having that flat perfect skin tone, but theres still one more detail that we can add.   To emphasize the shading even more, we can add small shiny reflections on him.   These usually bring out the eyes really well, but also work around the nose area, a little on the bottom lip, and even come in handy on other colors.   To start this step make a new layer and throw it above everything, even the ink layer.   Set its blending mode to screen, grab a close-to or pure white color and a small soft brush.

I used the small soft brush to paint little reflections of light on his nose, eyes, lip, and collar, but then I also used that same brush to add a little shine to his jacket collar.   I also grabbed a large soft brush, and lightly painted on areas of his jacket and his hair.   The image looks like its finally starting to come together, but there are just a few more tweaks that we can do through the magic of Photoshop to really finish it off.

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