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Cel Shading

Before I’m done, I’m going to do another neat little trick and duplicate the ink layer.   I’m going to take the layer I just duplicated, and just Gaussian blur it a little bit.   Then, play with the opacity a little bit and I’m done, and ready to call this complete.


Heres the final result, zoomed out:

This is just a little doodle that I colored, so if you could imagine this applied to a more complicated drawing, it would probably look a lot better.   By using a separate layer for all the colors, and the shading, I feel like I have a lot more control over the image, and mistakes are less costly and easily fixed.

That concludes my first tutorial ever, I hope everything turned out well.   If you have any feed back you can drop me a line through that “webmaster” email link at the bottom of this page.   Thanks for readin’!
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