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Metroid Prime 3 Overanalyzed

Metroid Prime and the Metroid Feeling Pt. 2

Still after all that, there’s more!   There are items in the game that give each of your unique beams a special attack when charged up.   You can grab the Wavebuster, Ice Spreader, and Flamethrower power ups for your different beams.   These attacks all eat up some missiles when used, but some of them can be devastating enough to be well worth the cost.

Prime also brings in Power Bombs, Missiles, Super Missiles, and Energy Tanks.   Missiles and Power Bombs both had an incredible supply of expansions to collect, and there was an abundant supply of Energy Tanks scattered around the world to keep any hard core Metroid fan busy for quite some time.

It looks like everything is here.   Brief narrative followed by isolation, a massive interconnected world, and plenty of items to entertain any player right up to the very end.   There are a couple of things missing, like the Reserve Tanks, Speed Booster, Screw Attack, and Spring Ball… but besides the Screw Attack, those things weren’t missed much.   Some things might just not work in this new fangled three dimensional world, so some items obviously didn’t make the cut.

If anything could be said about Metroid Prime that isn’t positive, it would be about the new hint system that was introduced in the game.   Rather than let you travel completely on your own, your suit computer or ship computer (I’m not even sure where these hints come from) will inform you of locations on the map to explore.   For example, if you needed to get an item to continue on your path, a new hint would come up and say something generic like “New Technology detected in Chozo Ruins” and then you push a button and it brings up the map and shows you a new room on the map with a big “?” on it.   The hint system could be disabled, but it was on by default, and most of the time it took the fun out of exploring and trying to track down certain locations that you can use specific items in.

So after all of this, did Metroid Prime live up to it’s expectations—not only as a video game, but as a Metroid game?   My final answer is “yes,” and it was amazing.   The whole game just comes together so smoothly.   Everything is there, and then some.   All of the items make an excellent transition into the wide world of three dimensions, and the additions like the new visors and morph ball abilities set Metroid Prime up to be a worthy successor of its 2d ancestors.

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