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Cel Shading

Part III

Iím going back to my Hard Light layer for this one.   This is where that layer comes in handy the most I think.   Iím going to be adding another color of shadow to the layer.   If you donít understand what I mean, then the picture will probably help.

Iím going to take a dark blue-ish color and actually paint it on the layer so that the deeper shadows are blue.   This adds a lot of depth to the shadow and also gives the image a little more color variation to spice it up a little bit.   Remember, for this Iím going to be drawing on the actual layer and NOT the mask.

Now I think that looks pretty awesome.   But I just realized that there is actually one detail that I forgot, and thatís adding some ďblushĒ to her skin color.   For that Iím just going to make a new layer over her skin, and set it to multiply.   Then Iím going to take a brush with opacity and fill set to pen pressure, and paint a reddish orange over some parts of the skin.

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