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Soft Shading

Color Choices

Now comes a really important part: choosing a color to shade with!   Iím going to start with the skin again for the same reasons mentioned before.   Skin tone is a really important color, and screwing it up could lead to a disaster.   I see a lot of art out there on the web with poor color choice and its disappointing because itís really not that hard to choose a good tone to shade with.

If your image contains a wacky skin tone, or no skin at all, then just ignore this part.   For those of you interested, pay attention.   Select your current skin tone color with the eye dropper and go to the color picker for it.   Now just donít drag the color down and to the right (or worse, just dragging it downward,) that creates some sort of wacky ugly color.   What you want to do first is drag the vertical bar toward the red just a little bit.   Now slide the color chooser circle thing downward to make it darker, and also drag it toward the middle of the saturation range.

See what I mean?   That creates a brownish looking hue rather than a darker yellow.   I illustrated a quick example with the skin tone I used just to show the difference between the color choices.

Number 1 was shaded using the color in the above image, and number 2 was shaded with a color that was chosen just by moving the cursor down and to the right.   You should notice that number 1 looks a lot livelier than number 2, which is looking a little ugly.   If the original skin tone was more on the yellow side, it would be more noticeable.

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