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Metroid Prime 3 Overanalyzed

The Metroid Feeling Pt. 2

Itís not only just the size of the world and the amount of items that gives Super Metroid such high marks though, you also have to factor in the immersion of the player.   Super Metroid is the successor of two Metroid games, Metroid for the NES and Metroid II for the Gameboy.   Both games had a very unique feeling of complete isolation, which continued very well in Super Metroid.

The opening of the game has you board a space colony that has been ravaged by space pirates.   Itís dark, dank, and lonely.   You make your way through the gloomy environment until you reach a dead end room with a single Metroid planted on the floor.   Then out of freakiní no where, Ridley, a giant dragon like boss creature shows up and you have to fight it.   After struggling with your upgrade-less suit and pea shooter arm cannon, you now have to escape the colony in a few minutes or be faced with a Game Over screen not even 5 minutes into the game.   Itís quite an intense situation for the opening sequence of a game, but this just represents how incredibly awesome the rest of the game is going to be.

The game continues by dropping you off on planet Zebes.   You end up in the Crateria, and thatís it.   Thatís where the narrative of the game ends.   Itís now up to you, the player, to decide whatís next.   All you can do is explore, and thatís the basis of the entire game.   You explore all you can until you find a new item, and then you explore some more.   The game is never explained to you, and thereís never a voice telling you where to go next.   You really have to remember where you saw that ledge, or where you saw those blocks with the funny symbols on them.   You are alone, you are by yourself, and thereís nobody else there to help you, and thatís exactly what the feeling of a Metroid game is like.   The feeling of isolation combined with a massive interconnected world with plenty of items to go around.

So did Metroid Prime live up to that?   Youíre going to have to allow me at least a few more paragraphs to answer that question entirely.   I promise weíll get back to Metroid Prime 3 in all of this eventually.

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