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Cel Shading

Part II

Man I didnít think this would be this long.   Oh well.

Now itís time to do some simple shading.   I figure Iím just going to drop a light source from the top left somewhere.   I usually like to cast the light somewhere so that her face is directed to it.   That usually portrays a light, happy mood.   Lighting can really add a lot of feeling to a piece, but that will be for another tutorial.

Anyway, to get started on the shading Iím going to pick a darkish brown color and create a new layer filled with that color.   Iím also going to take that layer, and set itís blending mode to ďHard Light.Ē   It may look a little strange, but thatís because youíre looking at the color as if it was 100% shaded.

Now I want to hide that entire layer I just made, and Iím going to do that by masking it.   Click the mask button with the layer of hard light selected and fill the mask with black.   If you didnít know, masking is a really awesome technique in Photoshop to show or hide parts of an image without actually having to erase that part of an image.   When you create a mask, youíre creating an image of black and white that will be linked with that layer.   Areas of the mask that are filled with white will show through 100% to the final image, and areas of the mask that are filled with black will be hidden completely.   So basically the idea is that weíre going to show the hard light layer by painting the mask white where we want the shadow to be.

With my light source at the top left Iím going to draw in the shadows by painting white onto the mask using a hard brush.

HmÖ I can already tell that Iím not really liking the color the skin is while shading.   Itís coming out too saturated.   So, I can just fix that by choosing a new color and filling the layer with it.   If youíre doing this, be sure youíre filling the layer with the new color, and not the mask.   Itís probably easier to choose the shadow color with some of the picture shaded now anyway.

Yeah, I think Iím digging this color a lot more.   Itís a little less saturated, and a little darker.   So I did the skin, and now Iím just going to drop shadows on the rest of her just by painting white on the mask.   Remember if you screw up its really easy to fix, you just have to paint black on the mask where you donít want it to show up.   Also, if you just have white and black selected as your colors in Photoshop, you can easily switch between them using the X key on your keyboard.

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