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Metroid Prime 3 Overanalyzed

The Metroid Feeling

First let me step back a bit and talk about the original Metroid Prime, as well as Super Metroid.   Metroid Prime basically had to follow the footsteps of Super Metroid, and thatís not an easy task.   Super Metroid is probably the favored Metroid game of most of the Metroid fan base due to its sheer perfection.   There was just so much that you could do, and so much to explore.

Just take a look at the world map for the game, its absolutely massive, and itís all interconnected.   Its one giant continuously flowing world and it doesnít begin or end anywhere.   The map is split up into 6 distinct areas, each of them have their own unique environments complete with music, enemies, backgrounds, and puzzles.

The Crateria is your starting point, and sort of like the main overworld.   Brinstar is your first destination, mostly a jungle like region but there are a few surprises in there as well.   Norfair is your hot lava world, so there are lots of chances to die in there.   Wrecked Ship is the remains of a space craft that crashed to the surface, and kind of fits in the category of the technical looking level.   Maridia is the underwater world, where youíll encounter large rooms and lots of fish.   The last stop of Tourian which is where the final showdown takes place and it captures the feeling of a very gloomy and foreboding environment all too well.

That sounds great, so now consider that there are around 100 items to grab in this world, and about 16 of those give you some sort of unique ability or power up.   You have 5 different upgrades to your weapon first of all, Charge, Spazer, Ice, Wave, and Plasma.   To add to that though, you have the ability to switch any of them on and off whenever you want, and then you have this secret ability to charge up a single beam and use power bombs to activate a special attack with that unique beam.

As far as movement enhancing goes, you have the Hi-Jump Boots, Speed Booster, Morph Ball, Bomb, Grapple Beam, Spring Ball, and the Space Jump.   By the end of this game, you can literally go anywhere you want using a combination of all these abilities, and once again you have the ability to turn any of them on or offÖ but thereís not really a reason to do so with the movement items.

Then there are the suits.   You can get two upgrades to your suit, the Varia Suit and the Gravity Suit.   Yeah, mostly theyíre just palette swaps but they really do make a difference.   It seems like thatís when you truly get to watch Samus evolve.   The Varia suit allows you to move in rather tough environments, like most of Norfair, while the Gravity Suit makes you immune to underwater environments.

I think the Screw Attack just gets its own category here, because it is just the ultimate Metroid item.   It just makes Samus nearly invincible while Space jumping through the world.   You can plow through enemies and destructible walls just through jumping.

One more important item would be the X-Ray Scope, which pauses the game and allows Samus to look over the environment for any potential secrets lying behind the standard background tiles.   It comes in handy a lot of times in the game, because now you donít have to crawl around as a morph ball and drop bombs every where to see if you can bust through any of the background tiles.

Another fun part about all the item collecting are the expansion items.   These include Missiles, Super Missiles, Energy Tanks, Reserve Tanks, and Power Bombs.   By the end of the game you can pack ridiculous amounts of missiles and energy tanks, making your end boss battle a little bit easier than someone who runs in there with 15 missiles and a couple of tanks.   You get to decide the fate of your game just with all the choices presented to you with item collection.

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