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Cel Shading

Now that I have an inked layer, I can throw some color underneath it.   I like to use the color swatches palette in Photoshop because itís easy to make a color set and keep track of the colors youíve used.   I already have some colors in my palette from another Kamie picture that I did, so Iím just going to back to those.

For dropping flat color, I use a separate layer for each color, and a thick brush with 100% hardness and pen pressure controlled width.   Iím going to start by laying down the skin color, which I find is the best color to start out with.

I donít really have to be that accurate when it comes to laying down the skin color, especially under an area that I know is going to be covered later.   The next step is going to be just throwing down the other colors for the hair and then a layer for the face details like the eyes.

Thereís the final version of the flat color.   I find it easier to use a separate layer for each color, especially when youíre actually applying the color.   This comes in handy when Iím coloring in her blonde hair, because it is so close to the skin color it becomes hard to distinguish, so by hiding the skin layer when coloring her hair I can color the hair more accurately.

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