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Soft Shading


The first thing that we need is some sort of sketch.   You can take a sketch that you scanned in and drop it into Photoshop, or you can sketch something right in Photoshop itself.   I’m going to go for the all digital route for this tutorial, but you can still follow along if it’s a scanned in sketch.

Since this is a soft coloring tutorial, I’ll be using almost all soft brushes to draw and paint with.   Mainly this just means that the “Other Dynamics” in the brush properties are set to Flow: Pen Pressure and Opacity: Pen Pressure.

If you’re going to sketch something digitally, I recommend filling the canvas with a color first.   On a computer screen, drawing on white can be pretty painful and will also screw around with your perception of color.   I usually fill the canvas with a pale or light color of some kind just to give myself some sort of impression right as I start.   I then lock the layer that I filled with color and create a new layer and begin sketching on that.   This prevents me from screwing up and drawing on the wrong layer as soon as I start.

I guess this is a sketch of Gaven after his haircut, and he’s looking off into space with sort of creepy smile.   Whenever I sketch I like to work in Photoshop’s full screen mode which can be accessed on the tools window.   The second to last row of buttons, right above the “Photoshop to Imageready” button has the window options.   This allows you to pan outside of the image’s bounding box, and it comes in handy when you’re trying to do something around the edge of an image.

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