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Cel Shading

Part I

The first thing I do when starting any sort of drawing in Photoshop is fill the canvas with a color.   Any color will do, but usually itís a grey-ish color, so that I can see the lines better.   I never sketch or color on a plain white background because it makes it difficult to judge color.   Its also easier on the eyes not to draw on a bright white background.

So starting out with just a blue background, and a new layer set on multiply, I sketch out a real quick Kamie face.

Notice how I have Photoshop's workspace set up.   I never liked the default Photoshop set up so I use this custom work space.   Also I have my own little set of brushes that I use for drawing.   My ďpencilĒ brush is just a normal round brush thatís usually 2 to 4 pixels wide with the opacity and flow controlled by the pen pressure.   (Iím using a Wacom tablet, if you couldnít tell.)

Thatís pretty good for a sketch, so letís move on and do a quick ink job.   For inking I use a size 6 to 10 pixel brush, with the spacing set to around 40%, and the radius is controlled by the pen pressure.   Iím also going to make a new layer for the inks, set that on multiply, and bump down the sketchís opacity so I can see what Iím doing a little better.

Remember that line variance is a key to getting a good looking inked drawing.   Bigger objects need fat lines, and small details need smaller lines.   Donít just ink your drawing with a stiff radius; otherwise it becomes flat and boring.
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