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Metroid Prime 3 Overanalyzed

Wrap it Up!

Metroid Prime 3 is not a good Metroid game, but perhaps the end all question is:   Is it a good overall game?   After all that’s wrong with the Metroid formula in the game, and after all the annoyances and disappointments, I can say that “yes,” it is a good over all game.   The controls are a dream to play with and really add a lot to the experience, there’s plenty of story to dig through with the scan logs again, and the most of the boss fights are second to none.

But still, even as I look at my save game of 100% completion I feel like there’s something I missed.   I don’t feel as if I finished a Metroid game.   There’s always that sense of accomplishment when you defeat the final boss, and escape the exploding planet just in time to see the end credits, and it’s a very unique experience that can only be amplified by the fact that you might have 100% of the items collected.   I remember it distinctly for Super Metroid, and Metroid Prime… but Metroid Prime 3 left me hanging.

It didn’t help that the ending itself was completely anti-climatic, and the Dark Samus storyline was getting terribly old especially because Metroid Fusion already covered the whole cliché doppelganger story arc with the SA-X.   The final boss itself was a disappointment even compared to the previous two Prime games because you’re basically fighting it while in infinite Godmode.   You can just go crazy and fire shots at the boss instead of having to use all the items and weapons in your disposal like the previous Prime games.

The only way to wrap this whole thing up, if you’re still reading that is, is to conclude that Metroid Prime 3 Corruption’s title is just too perfect for itself.   The Corruption not only speaks to Samus’s ordeal with Phazon, but the game’s corruption of the core Metroid formula which has made every Metroid game (even Fusion) fun and challenging down to the very end.

All I can do now is hope that the next Metroid game doesn’t take the same direction as Prime 3.   The DS has been screaming for a 2d Metroid game, but all we’ve seen so far is Hunters, which isn’t really a Metroid game at all but more of a Deathmatch style multiplayer focused game.   A 2d Metroid game is what I need to really get me back into the spirit of Metroid, so maybe “Metroid Dread” will make me a happier person someday.

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