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Soft Shading

Soft coloring an image in Photoshop can be a difficult technique to get a grip on.   I know that Iíve always had trouble with it for the longest time, and I struggled with trying to use things like the blur tool or the smudge tool to accomplish a smooth blend of colors only to now figure out itís as simple as just painting away at an image.

There are a lot of different ways to soft shade or soft color an image, but I like to think that mine may be unique, or at least unique enough to write a tutorial about it.   I have a habit in Photoshop of really pushing the amount of layers on an image.   I like my images to be almost modular at the end, and I end up putting everything on a separate layer so when I want to change some aspect on an image itís as easy as just turning off a layer, or changing its blending mode.

This tutorial assumes that you have some basic working knowledge of Photoshop in regards to the color swatches, layers panel, the expanded brushes panel, and having a Wacom Tablet doesnít hurt either.

The final image weíre going for is the one right up there.   The whole process only took around an hour, and its composed of some simple color blending and some image and color manipulation techniques.   This tutorial will walk you step by step from the initial sketch to the final adjustments to get the most of your drawing.

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